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12 Nov.2014| First Dynamic DDoS Mitigation Service Launched by ISP
14 Oct.2014| NSFOCUS Unveils Robust Anti-DDoS Solution for Hosting Service Providers, Date Centers and MSSPs
23 Sep.2014| 2014 Mid-Year DDoS Threat Report Documents High-Volume, High-Rate Attacks on the Rise
20 Aug.2014| Data Center Detected and Mitigated Emerging DDoS Attack

29 Oct.2014| NSFOCUS Offers DDoS Attack Solutions for Europe at WHD Munich and WHD London
29 Oct.2014| DDoS Response in a European Setting: NSFOCUS at HostingCon Europe in Amsterdam
16 Sep.2014| NSFOCUS Live Webinar: Myth Busted: NSFOCUS Proves Security Not a Bottleneck, but a Way to Exceed Customer Expectations
16 Sep.2014| NSFOCUS Weaves Magic at WHD.Asia with Web Security Fabric for IDCs